Exam P Practice Problems

Here’s a listing of the practice problems for the probability exam in the SOA/CAS syllabus.

Problems 101 to 110

Problems 91 to 100

Problems 81 to 90

Problems 71 to 80

Problems 61 to 70

Problems 51 to 60

Problems 41 to 50

Problems 31 to 40

Problems 21 to 30

Problems 11 to 20

Problems 1 to 10

Dan Ma actuarial exam

Dan Ma Exam P

Dan Ma mathematics

Dan Ma math

Daniel Ma actuarial exam

Daniel Ma Exam P

Daniel Ma mathematics

Daniel Ma math

\copyright 2013 to 2019 – Dan Ma

One response

  1. davidgangasarran108 | Reply

    Hi Dan , wanted to thank you for posting these problems. They are great for my exam p preparation . Wanted to know, do you also have the worked out solutions?? Thanks,

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